Research Summary

Project Title
Funding to Plymouth University
Funding Body
Understanding dynamic tidal drivers of bottle nose dolphin foraging behaviour
Dr Phil Hosegood; 2014-2015 £5,000 Marine Institute
with Dr S. Ingram (U. Plymouth); Dr C. Embling (U. Plymouth)
Influence of population connectivity on depth-dependent diversity of deep-sea marine benthic biota
Dr Vasiliy Vlasenko; Dr Alex Nimmo-Smith; 2015-2018 £573,803 NERC
with Dr K. Howell (U. Plymouth); Dr A. Foggo (U. Plymouth)
Surface mixed layer evolution at submesoscales (SMiLES)
Dr Phil Hosegood; 2013-2016 £470,000 NERC
with Dr J.B. Sallee (BAS); Dr J. Taylor (U. Cambridge); Dr R. Torres (PML)
Influence of extra-cellular polymeric substances (EPS) on flocculation & contaminant transport in estuaries and coastal waters
Dr Andy Manning 2013-2014 £5,000 Marine Institute
with Dr C. Braungardt (U. Plymouth)
Seasonal controls on shelf-edge nutrient fluxes at the Malin Shelf
Dr Phil Hosegood; Dr Alex Nimmo-Smith; 2012-2015 £125,000 NERC
with Dr M. Lohan (U. Plymouth)
Prediction of internal waves characteristics in the Andaman Sea
Dr Vasiliy Vlasenko; 2012 £18,000 Fugro
Worldwide baroclinic tidal forcing
Dr Vasiliy Vlasenko; 2012 £6,000 Fugro
Realistic sedimentary bedform prediction: incorporating physical and biological cohesion (COHBED)
Dr Sarah Bass; Dr Andy Manning; 2011-2014 £220,000 NERC
with Dr J. Bass (U. Bangor); Dr D. Parsons (U. Leeds); Dr D. Paterson (U. St. Andrews)
Fluxes across sloping topography in the northeast Atlantic (FASTNEt)
Dr Phil Hosegood;; Dr Alex Nimmo-Smith;; Dr Vasiliy Vlasenko; 2011-2015 £580,000 NERC
CONSORTIUM: SAMS; BODC; NOC-Liverpool; NOC-Southampton; PML; U. Bangor; U. Plymouth
Streamlining of wave farm impact assessment (SOWFIA)
Dr Phil Hosegood; 2011-2014 €400,000 E.U.
with D. Conley (U. Plymouth); D. Greaves (U. Plymouth);
Assessing the sensitivity of marginally stratified shelf seas with a changing climate
Dr Phil Hosegood; 2011-2014 £100,000 NERC
Top predator distribution and behaviour at shelf sea fronts
Dr Phil Hosegood; 2011 £5,000 Marine Institute
Testing of formulae for the settling flux estimation of natural estuarine cohesive sediment within 3D numerical models
Dr Andy Manning 2011-2014 £11,151 Marine Institute
Wave Hub baseline monitoring
Dr Phil Hosegood; 2010-2011 £41,000 NERC
with Dr R. Torres (PML); Dr C. Halsband-Lenk (PML)
Cohesive Sediment Settling Flux Modelling
Dr Andy Manning; Dr Robert Schindler; 2010-2011 £10,000 Higher Education Innovation Fund
Measurement of the abundance and optical significance of sub-micron sized particles in the ocean
Dr Alex Nimmo-Smith; 2010-2013 £395,000 NERC
with Dr D. Bowers (U. Bangor); Dr C. Jago (U. Bangor); Dr D. McKee (U. Strathclyde)
Characteristics of large amplitude internal solitary waves in the shelf zone of the South China Sea
Dr Vasiliy Vlasenko; 2010-2011 £13,000 Fugro
with Dr D. Bowers (U. Bangor); Dr C. Jago (U. Bangor); Dr D. McKee (U. Strathclyde)
Marine e-data observations network (MeDON)
Dr Phil Hosegood; Dr Alex Nimmo-Smith; 2009-2012 €9,224 E.U.
CONSORTIUM: Ensieta, IFREMER, National Marine Aquarium, Oceanopolis, PML
Turbulence, sediment stratification and altered resuspension under waves (TSSAR Waves)
Dr Alex Nimmo-Smith; 2009-2012 £361,680 NERC
with D. Conley (U. Plymouth)
Acoustical and optical backscatter from muddy, flocculating sediments (FLOCSAM)
Dr Sarah Bass; Dr Andy Manning; 2008-2012 £183,683 NERC
with Dr P. Thorne (NOC-Liverpool); Dr C. Vincent (U. East Anglia)
Dynamic response to energy extraction and mixing (DREEM)
Dr Phil Hosegood; Dr Alex Nimmo-Smith; 2008-2010 £184,000 SWRDA
Burnt soil aggregates in fluvial environments (BSAFE)
Dr Andy Manning; 2008 £4,500 U. Plymouth
with Dr W. Blake (U. Plymouth); Dr M. Fitzsimons (U. Plymouth)
The development of environmental algorithms for water quality meanagement of southwest estuaries
Dr Andy Manning; 2008-2009 £9,024 SHET
Modelling of the Wyville Thompson Ridge overflow
Dr Vasiliy Vlasenko; 2008-2011 £319,000 NERC
Non-traditional baroclinic wave effects in the Strait of Gibraltar
Dr Vasiliy Vlasenko; 2008-2009 £57,400 NERC
Wave-flow interactions
Dr Vasiliy Vlasenko; 2008-2011 £60,000 EPSRC
with Dr D. Dritschel
Cohesive sediment flocculation dynamics and their effect on nitrogen concentrations in estuaries
Dr Andy Manning; 2007-2008 £5,500 U. Plymouth
with Dr M. Fitzsimons (U. Plymouth)
Development of estuary morphological models (EstMorph)
Dr Andy Manning; 2007 £4,850 DEFRA
The application of remote sensing to the measurement of marine particle size and their relation to turbulence
Dr Alex Nimmo-Smith; 2007-2010 £307,434 NERC
with Dr D. Bowers (U. Bangor); Dr C. Jago (U. Bangor); Prof. Simpson (U. Bangor)
Wave hub impacts on seabed and shoreline change (WHISSP)
Dr Alex Nimmo-Smith; 2007-2010 £560,000 SWRDA
with (U. Plymouth)
A new mechanism for generation of internal waves
Dr Vasiliy Vlasenko; 2007-2008 £55,960 NERC



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